This hockey camp was a real fun and an intriguing experience. During the camp I was engaged and involved in every single practice we had on Ice and off Ice. The coaches were amazing and they were really fun to work with, although sometimes it was pretty challenging when doing new drills and using new equipment. When we did drills I’d never done before I would fail a couple of times and then get the hang of it, I really liked that the coaches were always organised and knew what drills to do to help us out.

I have noticed a lot of progress in my self after participating in this camp especially in shooting and stick handling and by far I think that this camp was the best camp I have ever participated in. I really liked all the drills that we did on the ice and even off ice but one of my favorite drills was the drill where we had to skate around 3/4 of the Ice with 2 parachutes attached to our backs.

Thank you for such an amazing experience,


First of all I would like to thank all the coaches for coming to Dubai and setting up this amazing hockey camp!

I have participated in lots of different camps through out my life and this one is by far one of the best.There were lots of different drills on ice and off ice. The coaches were always well prepared with new drills right after the other.

They were very supportive and cheered you on all the time. My favorite drill on ice was when we were skating with the parachutes, I have learned so much from this camp and i would love to do it again!


Thank you for the amazing hockey camp!

Pavlikovsky hockey camp was really exciting because there was so many fun and challenging drills. I really enjoyed when we got to take penalty shots and race for the puck. After the ice sessions we went to dry land practice which was at the beach. At dry land we got to play football and trained different speed drills.The drill I enjoyed most was the “reaction ball!”
All the coaches were really nice and amazing at ice hockey. I learnt many new drills and i think i improved a lot.

Hope you come back!!


I really liked your camp, especially when we did a lot of shooting! My favorite part is when we did breakaways and shooting!

I have enjoyed the camp, because we did lots of hard stuff (for example, skating backwards) and most of all, we did fun stuff like playing a game (also, thanks for letting me be with Eric in a game:))!

I also would like to thank the coaches, to set up all things on the ice and on dryland!

Hope to see you again!


I liked the camp very much. The coaches were great and smily, although they made us work hard both on ice and on sand.
I am looking forward to my next camp.